My 90 Year Old Grandmother I Doc, Short I 2022

Unfamiliar Familiar I Fiction, Short I 2021

Anna Dongmu I Fiction, Short I 2019

Yori I Fiction, Short I 2017

Binnenmeer I Fiction, Short I 2015

30 Jahre koreanische Schule I Doc, Short I 2015

Sewol I Experimental, Short I 2014

Integration I Documentary, Short I 2014


Assistant Editor / Assistant Postproduction

The Driven Ones (Piet Baumgartner) I Documentary, Feature I 2023

Tatort Episode 6 (Tobias Ineichen) I TV Feature I 2023, C-Films, SRF

Tatort Episode 5 (Tobias Ineichen) I TV Feature I 2023, C-Films, SRF

Loving Highsmith (Eva Vitija) I Documentary, Feature I 2021 I Solothurner Filmtage 2022

I Feel More Like a Stranger, Each Time I Come Home (Beatrice Minger) I Fiction, Short I 2021

Advent Advent (Natascha Beller) I Fiction, SRF Series I 2020 I Exports, for Unsere Farben GmbH 

Das Neue Evangelium (Milo Rau) I Documentary, Feature I 2020 I Exports, for Unsere Farben GmbH

On | This is Cyclon I Commercial I 2020 I Conforming, for Hillton AG

That Girl (Cornelia Gantner) I Documentary, Feature I 2020 

Moskau Einfach (Micha Lewinsky) I Fiction, Feature I 2020 I Conforming

Magic 8 (Livia Vonaesch) I Documentary, Feature I TBA I in Postproduktion

Lux (Wendy Pillonel) I Fiction, Short I 2020 

Sonnenwende (Timo Von Gunten) I Fiction, Short I 2020 

IMAGO (Remy Blaser) I Fiction, Short I 2019 

22:47 Linie 34 (Michael Karrer) I Fiction, Short I 2019

Plötzlich Heimweh (Yu Hao) I Documentary, Feature I 2019

Nr.47 Staffel 1 (Samuel Morris, SRF) I Fiction, Web I 2018

Stilles Land Gutes Land (Johannes Bachmann) I Fiction, Short I 2018

Tote Tiere (David Oesch & Remo Rickenbacher) I Fiction, Short I 2017

Die Einzigen (Maria Siegrist) I Fiction, Feature I 2017



Unfamiliar Familiar I Fiction, Short I 2021

True Story Bro: Influenza 20 I Web Series by Jeanne-Vera Burguignon I 2020

KimBo - "Scho No Geil" I Music video by Luisa Ricar I 2019 

Migros - Create Your Coffee I Web Video I 2019

Human Resources of UGAGO (E.Ruschetti & D.Oesch) I Fiction, Short I 2019 (Co-edit with Norbert Kottmann)

Rich Kid (Flurina Gutmann) I Fiction, Short I 2018

Muttermal (Emanuel Hohl & Yannick Böhmer) I Fiction, Short I 2018

Polizeikontrolle - und jetzt? I Web Video by Leon Schwitter I 2017

Projects for Marrakech – a Future with Tradition I Documentary, Short I 2017

Yori I Fiction, Short I 2017


Other Works:

2019 Translator for Korean reality show "Superman is Back" (KBS) in Switzerland

2015-2019 several contributions to ZHdK film projects as 2nd AC, DIT, Electrician and Storyboard Artist

2017 Participation as a story board artist for Korean short film "The Curfew" by Chris Chun

2016 Participation as an electrician for Korean movie "If You Were Me" by Choi Ik-Hwan

2015 Guide of actress Go Ara's team during the shooting of music video "A Million Pieces" (KYUHYUN) in Zurich