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Life On Stage I Fiction, Short I 2023

My 90 Year Old Grandmother I Doc, Short I 2023

Unfamiliar Familiar I Fiction, Short I 2021

Anna Dongmu I Fiction, Short I 2019

Yori I Fiction, Short I 2017

Binnenmeer I Fiction, Short I 2015

30 Jahre koreanische Schule I Doc, Short I 2015

Sewol I Experimental, Short I 2014

Integration I Documentary, Short I 2014


Assistant Editor / Assistant Postproduction

Baggerdrama (Piet Baumgartner) I Fiction, Feature I 2024 in post production


Magic 8 (Livia Vonaesch) I Documentary, Feature I 2024 I in post production

Once We Were Pitmen (Christian Johannes Koch, Jonas Matauschek) I Documentary, Feature I 2023 

The Driven Ones (Piet Baumgartner) I Documentary, Feature I 2023

Tatort Episode 6 (Tobias Ineichen) I TV Feature I 2023, C-Films, SRF

Tatort Episode 5 (Tobias Ineichen) I TV Feature I 2023, C-Films, SRF

Loving Highsmith (Eva Vitija) I Documentary, Feature I 2021 I Solothurner Filmtage 2022

I Feel More Like a Stranger, Each Time I Come Home (Beatrice Minger) I Fiction, Short I 2021

Advent Advent (Natascha Beller) I Fiction, SRF Series I 2020 I Exports, for Unsere Farben GmbH 

Das Neue Evangelium (Milo Rau) I Documentary, Feature I 2020 I Exports, for Unsere Farben GmbH

On | This is Cyclon I Commercial I 2020 I Conforming, for Hillton AG

That Girl (Cornelia Gantner) I Documentary, Feature I 2020 

Moskau Einfach (Micha Lewinsky) I Fiction, Feature I 2020 I Conforming

Lux (Wendy Pillonel) I Fiction, Short I 2020 

Sonnenwende (Timo Von Gunten) I Fiction, Short I 2020 

IMAGO (Remy Blaser) I Fiction, Short I 2019 

22:47 Linie 34 (Michael Karrer) I Fiction, Short I 2019

Plötzlich Heimweh (Yu Hao) I Documentary, Feature I 2019

Nr.47 Staffel 1 (Samuel Morris, SRF) I Fiction, Web I 2018

Stilles Land Gutes Land (Johannes Bachmann) I Fiction, Short I 2018

Tote Tiere (David Oesch & Remo Rickenbacher) I Fiction, Short I 2017

Die Einzigen (Maria Siegrist) I Fiction, Feature I 2017



Unfamiliar Familiar I Fiction, Short I 2021

True Story Bro: Influenza 20 I Web Series by Jeanne-Vera Burguignon I 2020

KimBo - "Scho No Geil" I Music video by Luisa Ricar I 2019 

Migros - Create Your Coffee I Web Video I 2019

Human Resources of UGAGO (E.Ruschetti & D.Oesch) I Fiction, Short I 2019 (Co-edit with Norbert Kottmann)

Rich Kid (Flurina Gutmann) I Fiction, Short I 2018

Muttermal (Emanuel Hohl & Yannick Böhmer) I Fiction, Short I 2018

Polizeikontrolle - und jetzt? I Web Video by Leon Schwitter I 2017

Projects for Marrakech – a Future with Tradition I Documentary, Short I 2017

Yori I Fiction, Short I 2017


Other Works:

2023 Moderation and Translation of the Q&A's for the Korean movies "Concrete Utopia" (Uhm Tae Hwa), "Hopeless" (Kim Chang Hoon), "Mimang" (Kim Tae Yang) and "The Apartment with Two Women" (Kim Se-In) at the Zurich Film Festival

2023 Photographer for the delegation of "Smugglers" (dir. Ryu Seung Wan) at the Locarno Film Festival

2022 Translator and coordinator for Korean news report 

(MBC Gyeongnam) about the Swiss town structures and Swiss tax system

2021 Korean Unit for the spot "60 Jahre Jubiläum Bartholet"

2020 Swiss Unit for Documentary "The Sportsmen of Joseon" (KBS1)


2019 Translator for Korean reality show "Superman is Back" (KBS) in Switzerland

2015-2019 several contributions to ZHdK film projects as 2nd AC, DIT, Electrician and Storyboard Artist

2017 Participation as a story board artist for Korean short film "The Curfew" by Chris Chun

2016 Participation as an electrician for Korean movie "If You Were Me" by Choi Ik-Hwan

2015 Guide of actress Go Ara's team during the shooting of music video "A Million Pieces" (KYUHYUN) in Zurich



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